We are very happy to be part of a book-loving community and we would like to showcase our local authors. We are happy to say that we have all of these local books in stock!

If you are a local author and do not see your book listed here, please let us know and we will add you to the list! See the Contact Page for more information.

J. Andersen

The Breeding Tree
The Gene Rift
At What Cost

Linda Anderson

Frances the Haflinger Horse

Mary Ellen Brown Carlson

Princess Casey

Donald Douglas Dowling

The Gold of Vanishing Creek

Paul Campion and Randy Johnson

Higher Love

Helen Ebersole

Off the Pedestal
Grit and Grain

Terry Foody

The Pie Seller, the Drunk, and the Lady

Faith Gibbons

Raw: From Heart to Head

David Gustafson

The Shrine of Arthis

Lee Kronert

Gibby and Olivia
Don’t Blame the Messenger
Mental Cruelty

Loren Mayshark

Death: An Exploration
Academic Betrayal

Kim Rambacher

Miracle Marcia

Alan Riedesel 

Buddy Goes to Heaven

Robert Terreberry

Murder at Maple Springs

Lissa L. Theisler

Rags to Riches

James Vincent

Back When and For Now
Not For Now, But Soon

D. C. Wallace

Shadow of the Pale Boy